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Since 1965, Capitol Wholesale Fence Company, Inc. has been leading the industry when it comes to offering the widest selection of full-line, wholesale fences and fence related products. We not only manufacturer many of our own fencing, but we also distribute for national fence manufacturers such as Westech, Ameristar, Specrail, and Apollo Gate Operators.

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Meeting your needs no matter what level of security your property needs.

We are a stocking dealer for all of the manufacturers below. From the home owner wanting a residential grade gate operator to a professional sports facility, Capitol Wholesale is able to meet the needs of any access security concerns. With a full selection of gate operators at your disposal, you will have all America’s top brands in access control at your disposal. Beyond gate operators, Capitol can help your create a custom job with everything from security arms to road spikes at properties with heightened security needs.

Organized and Secure | Capitol Security Panels are available for all events.

When it comes to providing organization and security to any event or construction site, only Capitol Security Panels will do. Numerous businesses, city and state governments, amphitheatres, and professional sports teams have all chosen Capitol Brand Security Panels to secure their sites. With our quick turn around time in our panel fabrication shops, Capitol can meet your stringent immediate and long-term security needs. Contact a Capitol sales staff member today about how you can secure your next event.
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Portable Rack for Half-Bent Panels

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Panel Stand

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Saddle Clamps secure the panels

Specs on stock Capitol Security Panels at our Nashville branch are:

10′ Wide X 6′ High Panels | 1-3/8″ .047 Tubing | 11.5 gauge wire. Each panel purchase includes (2) saddle clamps with 5/16″ x 1-1-4″ galvanized carriage bolts with nuts.

Temporary Fence Panel Shop Drawing

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Capitol Security Panels protecting a construction site

Vinyl, Composite and Wood decking: all available at Capitol Wholesale Fence

Whether you are in the middle of restoration of a home by adding living space or planning to build decking onto your new home, Capitol Wholesale has you covered. Quality decking materials in numerous types of wood and colors are yours to be had.

Contact a Capitol sales team member today about installing a natural wood deck.

Add privacy and professionalism to any chain-link fence with privacy screen.

When installing a new chain link fence or improving the aesthetic beauty of an older chain-link fence, installing privacy screen adds a sense of security to any home, business, construction site or sports facility. Contact a Capitol sales representative today about adding privacy screen to your next chain link job.

Windscreen and Privacy Screen

Add privacy and decoration to any chain link fence. Choose from a range of different materials for any application including athletic fields and courts, retail store fronts, construction sites and warehouses.

Sports Netting

Make your playing field professional today by adding sports netting to your next sports facility.

Meeting the demands of today’s on demand security.

Whether you are securing a new home site, office, sports facility or government building, using temporary fence will help you keep your site off limits to those you don’t want in.

An example of a temporary job might consist of:

Top Quality Fence Tools and Accessories

Capitol Wholesale Fence sells a wide variety of fence industry related tools. From Little Beaver branded auger equipment to professional hog ring pliers, Capitol’s tool section caters to all fence installers.

Your Preferred Pet Kennel

A safe and secure enclosure for your pets, tools and equipment, outdoor supplies. All our Capitol Kennels are manufactured with rust resistant galvanized steel tubing and chain link fabric.

Five Easy Steps to Assembly!

The preferred kennel is as easy as tightening up eight nuts and bolts. It takes only a 1/2 inch wrench. The kennel clamps are included with each panel.
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Kennel Panels

Enlarge your kennel by attaching additional panels. Manufactured with rust resistant galvanized steel tubing and chain link fabric, these panels are easily expandable making virtually any size of pen or multiple pens.
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Condo Kennel Panels

Our small kennels work well in any basement, garage, or patio. Solid and well built with our rust resistant galvanized steel tubing and chain link fabric ensure the quality of even our smallest products.

Portable Travel Pens

The kennel that fits in your truck – a hunter’s dream!
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Kennel Sunscreen