Virtually Maintenance-Free

& Lasting

Capitol Wholesale Fence offers a wide selection of vinyl fencing. Our vinyl fencing comes in a large variety of colors and wood grains to match all of your landscaping needs. Whether you are looking for a sleeker, more modern fence design or the tradition white picket fence, we have them all. Vinyl fencing is low cost, low maintenance, and long lasting.

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Ensuring Quality

Top Quality Control

Capitol Vinyl Products has aligned itself with some of the top quality vinyl fence and handrail manufacturer’s in the world to bring you total quality products with warranties to back up any quality issue claims.

Consumers may not be aware of the level of quality protocol necessary in our industry nor are they always knowledgeable of the standards by which manufacturing processes are examined.

PVC resin is checked for moisture, color and content. The compound batches are analyzed in a pre-extrusion check for molecular fusion temperature and pressure. Extruded profile samples are cut and checked “on line” for color, gloss, radius and dimension and tested “off line” for impact resistance, as well as heat and freeze reactions. UV resistance is checked through an accelerated weathering technique.

Ensuring Efficacy


Vinyl fencing, deck and railing systems, and window and door profiles that are tested for efficacy. Fences must withstand windloads as well as protect children and others from endangering themselves around swimming pools. Railings are designed to serve as guardrails. Other products must be designed to accept snow loads and resist wind uplifts. And Westech’s Product Development Group gives complete consideration and deliberately complies with national and international safety codes- even going beyond the codes to establish new benchmarks for the industry.