Wood Fencing

The natural choice in fencing materials

A wood fence is a classic addition to any home or business. Wood fencing brings great value to the customer looking for a simple privacy perimeter security fence. Capitol Wholesale’s assortment of woods and cuts combined with our variety of accessories brings our customers plenty of choices in designing their next project. Contact a Capitol sales staff member today about helping you with your next wood fence job.


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Product Guide: Wood

From rustic split rail to charming white picket fences, wood fencing comes in a variety of forms and finishes that make it an ideal choice for homeowners and business alike.

  • Wood is both a practical and attractive way to add fencing to a property in various applications.
  • Wood is both an aesthetic and a durable option, with new developments in installation increasing the lifespan of fence projects.
  • Wood is appealing in its natural state, or can be painted or stained many different colors, making it customizable.
  • Based on climatic conditions, wood fencing items will fade, have some splits and may shrink or warp.

There are several different types of wood that work for a variety of projects, from the economical to the durable.


Getting its name from the white appearance it has when first installed, whitewood is easy to work with. Pine, spruce, and fir are considered whitewood. These are especially popular options throughout the United States and into Canada.

  • Pine: Southern Yellow Pine is the top choice in the Midwest and Southeast. Reasonably priced, pressure-treated pine posts have increased longevity.
pine fence

Cedar: Western Red Cedar

Cedar is not only aesthetically appealing but a practical choice, as it’s durable and can be reasonably priced. It’s a popular choice in areas that are fire-prone as it meets and exceeds safety classifications in the majority of areas across the United States.

Cedar fences should have at least a two-inch clearance from the ground. Posts should be inserted directly into the ground to improve drainage around the post.

cedar fence


Cypress is a renewable and regenerative species that grows back in the original stump. Cants for the boards are cut from second growth trees, protecting the old growth trees. It’s natural resistance to decay leads to no harmful chemical treatment of the wood. Bottom line: Most boards end up on a fence and not wasted in a scrap pile.

  • Cypress is the most decay resistant wood available and is impervious to insects with no treatment necessary. Boards are wax treated on top and bottom. Our boards have a sound tight knot and are wane free.
cypress fence

Cedar Split Rail

Cedar Split Rail Split Rail Fencing is environmentally friendly! The fine grained cedar requires no preservatives and has a high resistance to decay. It can be used near gardens or fruit trees without contaminating the soil or harming the environment. Split Rail Fencing is easy to install! It requires no painting or staining and it will turn a natural grey color overtime. The rails are notched and the posts are drilled so they are fast and easy to install.


  • Already notched and drilled
  • Easy to install (instructions available)
  • Decay and rot resistant
  • Does not need to be treated
  • Saves you time and money
  • Stronger than vinyl/plastic products
  • Environmentally friendly
cedar split rail fence


There are many different styles that wood fences can take, including:

Split Rail – Inexpensive and offering a rustic appeal, split rail fences are often used as a way to note property lines.

Post & Rail – This adaptation of the more rustic split rail design is most often used in agricultural settings.

Picket – Low on privacy but high on aesthetic appeal, picket fences are regularly used for decorative purposes.

Privacy – A stockade style can be used for security and privacy purposes.

customised fence


Wood fences can be personalized with items like latticework and post caps and finials.

Latticework can top off a privacy fence adding a personalized touch to a simple structure.

Post caps and finials can provide architectural detail. Decorative and appealing, post caps and finials provide that finishing touch to your fence project.
Most images and files above come courtesy of the American Fence Association. The Cedar Split Rail section is courtesy of Box Lake Lumber.